Meet our interns: Jeremy Hoogiem

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?

What first motivated me to join the pro-life movement was the knowledge that my parents and teachers gave me from a young age, the fact that abortion is murder and deeply wrong. What continues to motivate me is the words of Jesus in Matthew 25 about how I am treating those who are considered the “least of these” on the earth, and I cannot imagine anyone more helpless and in desperate need than a human being inside the womb. 

The Rescue Movement Part 4: Interview with John Hof

Jonathon interviewed John Hof,  president of United for Life BC.

The right words: "Un-born" or "pre-born"?

by Caleb VanderWeide
Pro-life activists today fight an uphill battle when they contact the public: the field of battle in which the member of the public advances on the subject of abortion, and ethics in general, has been chosen by the proponents of the culture of death. Words like fetus, embryo, human, and person have, often without explicit changes to definition, taken on a different meaning in the eyes of the public and as they relate to subjects of controversy. When challenging the ideals of the culture of death the practice of arming oneself with words and strategies that play to our advantage is of great importance, perhaps second only to the importance of bringing oneself to actively challenge it in the first place. It is here that two symbiotic passions of mine: proper use of words, and the challenging of the culture of death, meet.

The Rescue Movement Part 3: Interview with Lynn Mills

Jonathon Van Maren is a writer and pro-life speaker who has given presentations across North America on abortion and pro-life strategy.

Today Jonathon talked to Lynn Mills about her experiences decades ago with Operation Rescue.

Meet our interns: Bianca Rojo

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?

When I first saw images of dismembered bodies in high school it made me see that abortion is real. I was horrified at the thought that a surgical procedure could be doing this to human beings. But what motivates me the most is seeing people look at these images and completely deny the reality of abortion, they are the ones I want and need to talk to. 

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When did you first come into contact with CCBR?

What a Mother's Love Means

By Maaike Rosendal

It’s early Monday morning and my ten-month old daughter has made up her mind that she’ll only sleep with me. I look down at her precious face and, rather than attempt to bring her to bed again, decide to relish the quiet instead. The air is yet cool. The neighborhood’s birds chatter in the gentle breeze and occasionally, one erupts into song. Even the silence in between is beautiful. Its simplicity helps to remember what really matters so I reflect on the previous day: Mother’s Day.

The Rescue Movement Part 2: Interview with Bill Calvin

Jonathon Van Maren interviewed Bill Calvin, the Director of CBR Missouri/Kansas. Bill Calvin earned a Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. After a 30 year career in engineering and research, he took early retirement in 1999 to do full-time pro-life ministry.

In 2005 he moved to Kansas City, where he also serves on the Advisory Board of Cures Without Cloning (fighting embryonic stem cell research and human cloning) and as President of Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic. Bill has spoken out for the sanctity of human life on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and PBS news programs.

A small price to pay

By Cana Donovan

A couple months ago, I went to Miami for reading break. 

After most people I’d told expressed their envy, I explained that I wasn’t there for a vacation. I was there because our culture is so steeped in the blood of innocent children that most  people don’t even notice it anymore; they just put on blinders and keep walking, no matter how many small, torn-apart bodies they have to kick out of the way to take each step. 

Meet our interns: Nicholas Oudshoorn

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?

I had already been looking for a mission trip opportunity but had not yet found anything viable. Although this wasn’t exactly what I initially had in mind, I saw the link on Facebook and decided to apply. The motivation behind this was and is a desire to be useful to the Lord and this internship will put me straight into such a position. 

When did you first come into contact with CCBR?

The Rescue Movement Part 1: Interview with Rev. Patrick Mahoney

Jonathon Van Maren interviewed Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition based in Washington, DC., and lead pastor of Church on the Hill. This is Part 1.

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