An Interview with Frank Schaeffer

Jonathon Van Maren is a writer and pro-life speaker who has given presentations across North America on abortion and pro-life strategy. Jonathon spoke with the son of theologian Francis Schaeffer, Frank Schaeffer, who has spent much of his career repudiating the Religious Right.

Christians have abortions, too

By Jonathon Van Maren

One of the most predominant challenges for pro-life activists has always been a simple one: Most Christians do not take abortion seriously. While those of us who work in the pro-life movement know that abortions take place with chilling frequency within Christian schools, churches, and organizations, many Christians feel as if this is a problem “out there.” Some church leaders, of course, know that abortions take place—it’s why many are so reticent to allow pro-life speakers to present to their congregants in the first place. It’s too controversial, we often hear. It’s why so often, they seem more likely to emphasize that forgiveness for abortion exists while neglecting to warn about the horrific reality of what abortion is in the first place.

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Do restrictions on abortion access really make a difference?

By Justina Van Maren

The Pro-Choice Dictionary: A Satire

By Jonathon Van Maren

Abortion—A procedure very similar to brushing your teeth, by which an irritant is removed, making you feel happy.

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Abortion Clinic—A wonderful health care facility in which medical professionals can dispense with the results of irresponsible sex by vacuuming out the uterus.

Abortionist—A feticide technician unburdened by the technicalities of the Hippocratic Oath and the respect of his colleagues.

Abortus—A term invented to refer to the aborted fetus to avoid recognizing his or her humanity.

Argument—A conversation in which words come together to form coherent points and counterpoints. Something pro-choice people should avoid in favor of protest. [See: chanting, pot-clanging, illiterate sign-making.]

How to Rescue a Sex Slave

Jonathon Van Maren is a writer and pro-life speaker who has given presentations across North America on abortion and pro-life strategy. Jonathon spoke with ex-CIA operative Matt Osborne of Operation Underground Railroad on how he and his teams go undercover around the world to rescue trafficked children.

Perspective at "Choice" Chain

By Justina Van Maren

Some days, you’re tired. Some days you wake up and you wonder if anything is really worth it. After all, the Liberals have a majority government and more people watch soccer games than bother to come to a pro-life event and learn how they can end the greatest genocide of all time; people just don’t care. Some days you wonder if you really care or if praying about abortion, slipping “choice” cards in bathroom stalls, and setting up pro-life club meetings have just become mundane habit. And then you do “Choice” Chain.

We have work to do

By Cameron Cote

An Interview with North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee

Jonathon Van Maren chatted with Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean defector and activist who now lives in South Korea, where she is a student. She escaped from North Korea, and later personally guided her family to freedom from the country through China and Laos.

Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson,

Giving up is not an option

By Pieter Bos

I was ready to pack up my sign, hand it to the leader, thank him for the experience, and give up.

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