The Bridgehead Radio: Jonathon Van Maren interviews Rev. Canon Andrew White

Jonathon interviews the Reverend Canon Andrew White Hon PhD, Vicar of St George’s Church, Baghdad, the only Anglican Church in Iraq. Dubbed the “Vicar of Baghdad,” Rev. White is also President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. He was previously Director of International Ministry at the International Centre for Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral, England.

One good reason we can change public opinion on abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren

People often pose me the question: Why do you guys actually think you can make a difference? Why do you guys think you can actually change public opinion?

The answer, obviously, is multi-faceted and rooted in how we know our strategy works. But for today, I’d like to answer that question with a story.

It was one of those days where it was absolutely packed on campus, with students milling everywhere around our huge display of abortion victim photography.  Early in the morning, an African American girl came up to the display, with a rather sceptical but dapperly dressed young man behind her.

“My name is Raven,” she informed me, instantly giving me a flashback to my first Florida experience a year ago. “My friend is pro-choice. Y’all are changing people’s minds right?”

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It's all about the children

by Justina Van Maren
If there’s one thing we hear everywhere we go; at “Choice” Chain, at Banner Project, at Highway Project, and post-carding, it is this: “What about the children?” While post-carding angry fathers burst out of their front doors, waving our postcards at us and exclaiming, “What if my kids saw this?” At “Choice” Chain people get right up close to yell that, “There’s a day care around the corner!” When we sit by the side of the road at Banner Project driver after driver rolls down the window to angrily declare that they have children in the back seat of their car. So as parents, guardians, aunts, uncles and concerned citizens gather to ask us, “What about the children?” We have one answer for them; it’s all about the children.
I know that many people are legitimately concerned about their children, but I have my doubts about some.

Melting my own hardened heart

By Emily Ryznar

This may sound irrational, but I have always been afraid of “finding myself”. I know that changing and growing up is a part of life, but I was paralyzed by the thought that maybe people wouldn’t like the young woman I became. Maybe I wouldn’t even like her.

What if my friends didn’t want to be my friends anymore? What if I wasn’t the daughter my parents dreamed of having? What if changing meant losing the people I loved the most?

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This summer, I found out what it’s like to be hated. To be laughed at. Abused. Scorned. The precious, shiny little bubble that I’d blown around myself was popped, and the jagged edges of a broken world shattered my pretty idea of reality.

The Bridgehead Radio: Jonathon Van Maren interviews Mariette Rozen

Jonathon interviews Mariette Rozen, who lived through a lost childhood. She was only three and a half years old, living in Brussels, when her “life was suddenly ripped apart and irrevocably changed by Nazis.”

How to have courage when taking the abortion debate to the streets

By Justina Van Maren
Doing pro-life activism on the streets every day is fulfilling, I think every pro-life activist would say that. What we don’t always like to admit is that it’s not easy. When people come up to me and ask angrily, “Do you like doing this?” My answer to that question is a reflex one: “No, no I don’t.” I had a young man ask me that question at “Choice” Chain and, taken aback by my reply he demanded, “Then why are you here?” That was another question that had an easy answer; I’m here not because I like being yelled at, not because I love to "terrify" children as many pro-choicers like to accuse me of, or because I like hearing people tell me about all the horrible things that happened to them that made them want to do the most unnatural thing in the world: to kill their own children. I’m out there because of the babies.

Remembering the first time I debated abortion

by Jonathon Van Maren

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the argument: “We shouldn’t show pictures of abortion victims because it will hurt post-abortive women!”

I resent that argument for quite a few reasons. First of all, it ignores the many post-abortive women who have joined us on the streets, courageously using their stories to help others see the truth about abortion.

And second of all, one of my very first experiences with abortion victim photography shows just how misguided and negligent this argument is.

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In February of 2010, I travelled to Florida with a team of pro-lifers to join a campus outreach project I’d never tried before: The Genocide Awareness Project. Featuring huge billboards showing photos of abortion victims, this was my first time engaging in activism this controversial.

The Bridgehead Radio: Jonathon Van Maren interviews Donny Pauling

Jonathon interviews Donny Pauling, a former pornographic film producer who is currently an anti-porn activist, Christian speaker, and Internet advertiser. His views were shaped by his time in the porn industry, in which he worked for nine years, and led him to view its effect as detrimental to persons involved.


A summer fighting abortion

By Cana Donovan

I always used to be pro-life in the most mediocre way possible.

It seemed like such a simple concept to me: we shouldn’t kill babies. Little did I know of the myriad of justifications spouted by pro-choicers, secure in their sense of infinitely greater compassion; little did I know of the systematic dehumanization that is not some dark bit of history we look back on with horror, but a mass genocide taking place right now behind the smug and ambiguous moniker of “choice.”

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Abortion didn’t come up much in my group of friends, and when it did, I was quickly drowned out by the chorus of but-what-ifs and silenced. That silence simply fed the culture of death I didn’t realize we were all drowning in.

Jessica Valenti says the anti-abortion movement is losing. She's wrong.

By Jonathon Van Maren

Jessica Valenti of The Guardian has come out with an announcement: “Welcome to the beginning of the end of the anti-abortion movement.

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