Tom Flanagan Analyzes Canada's Federal Election 2015

Jonathon Van Maren has given presentations across North America on abortion and pro-life strategy. In this 45-minute interview, he gets an election update and analysis from Dr. Tom Flanagan, a conservative academic and former advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Top 10 Ways Bill Nye Is Wrong About Abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren

It’s a sad reflection on the scientific knowledge of our culture that the abortion crowd is falling all over themselves to promote a new video by Bill Nye the “Science Guy,” a former engineer, TV host, actor, and comedian, on abortion. He makes his first scientific mistake in the title of the video: Can We Stop Telling Women What To Do With Their Bodies? Apparently, the science guy is unaware that the human being developing in the womb has a completely separate body, but that doesn’t stop him from spending the next four minutes delivering a diatribe dripping with condescension. His contempt is only matched by his blatant ignorance of embryology and the science surrounding early human development.

Let’s break it down:

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Steve Jalsevac on the history of the Canadian pro-life movement

Jonathon Van Maren interviewed Steve Jalsevac, the co-founder and managing director of

A reminder before this year's federal election

By Alanna Gomez

Recently, I learned that the Liberal candidate for my federal riding is the chaplain at a local Catholic high school. This in itself wouldn’t be a problem, except for the minor detail that Federal Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau has stated that all Liberal MPs are expected to vote pro-choice and that the party is officially pro-choice, since they chose a “resolutely pro-choice leader.” The candidate, Filomena Tassi, publicly stated that while she considers herself to be pro-life, she would vote as a Liberal MP according to how the party expects her to, that is, in favour of maintaining the status quo in Canada, which allows the killing of pre-born children to occur any time before birth, for any reason.

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MP Rob Anders on Canadian Social Conservatism

Jonathon Van Maren talks to Member of Parliament Rob Anders about the future of social conservatism in Canada.

Truth at High School "Choice" Chain

By Justina Van Maren

Os Guinness on how to be a Christian in today's culture

Jonathon Van Maren interviewed Os Guinness, English author and social critic. Born in China, Os is the great-great-great-grandson of Arthur Guinness, the Dublin brewer. He was a witness to the climax of the Chinese revolution in 1949, and returned to England in 1951, where he received a B.D. (honours) from University of London in 1966 and a D.Phil from Oriel College, Oxford in 1981.

To parents of "imperfect" children

By Justina Van Maren

It isn’t like parenting is easy. If you’re not a parent, ask your mom and dad, your uncle, your grandmother and they will universally tell you: Parenting is not easy. Thankfully, there is information out there to help you. Websites like YAHOO! Parenting offer advice on how to deal with problems your children face daily, how parents have dealt with similar problems in the past, and now, how to empathize with parents who think their children themselves are the problems. Problems they would have dealt with differently if they’d had the chance.

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The Mainstream Media and Photos of Dead Children

By Jonathon Van Maren

For today, at least, the debate over whether graphic victim photography is effective at raising awareness is over. Emotionally mauling photographs of a three-year-old refugee child washed up on a Turkish beach have sparked a reaction to the ongoing refugee crisis like nothing else has.

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From the Globe and Mail:

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